Tec Trimix 45 and Tec Trimix 50

tecrec logoThe aim of Trimix 45 and Trimix 50 is to produce divers whose theoretical knowledge and pragmatic experience can adapt what they have learned to correctly and safely analyse trimix blends, plan and execute decompression dives within the depth and decompression gas limitations of their existing technical diver qualifications, using a trimix blend with no less than 21% O2 and no more than 20% He and a planned decompression of no longer than 20 minutes.

The Learning Materials You'll Need

  • Tec Deep Student manual
  • Tec Trimix student manual

Equipment requirements are similar to other TecRec programs except that the use of at least one Trimix multi-gas dive computer per student is required. PC Software must be available for students use throughout the course. These requirements ensure that divers are able to plan and make Trimix dives at this level without the full knowledge and skill development introduced at higher Trimix levels.


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